5 Motivation tips for Entrepreneurs

Motivation Entrepreneurs

When starting a business, we can find many sources of motivation. Since you just started up, there is passion, eager and willingness to keep working towards your end goal, the difficulty lies on actually be persistent along your path and keep yourself motivated.

We have listed 5 recommendations that will help you stay motivated.

1. Never stop thinking positive

Yes, very simple and straightforward, we know. However, this can play a crucial role in how you confront daily challenges. Keeping yourself on a positive note won’t just allow you to approach things effectively, but you will also become a happier individual.

We all have that one voice inside of our heads which somehow has an opinion to almost anything we do. It’s important that you listen to it, at times, and try to manage it effectively. If you have negative thoughts, don’t ignore them, identify the source and try to change them around. Negative things often take too much space in our heads and we tend to forget all the positive things we are doing. Prove that little voice wrong!

2. Reflect your progress on a personal diary

Often, entrepreneurs can be caught up with daily operations that completely forget or ignore little progress and see only the bigger picture. Every step forward regardless of its repercussion, it’s still a step forward. Take note of that, in a diary, a voice note… just make sure you’re aware of the progress you are making and have it stored for your to crosscheck.

3. Anticipate a moment of success

Are you close to reaching your daily, weekly or monthly milestone? Close your eyes and imagine that feeling, the end results and add as many details as possible into the moment. How would you feel? With who would you share that moment with?

The more detail you put it, the most effective this methodology will be. Many successful entrepreneurs often create a mediation routine at the beginning of their days to visualize and contemplate things like this. Try it out!

4. Accept it, you are human

Human beings tend to have hard days, some can even be lazy for a day. That’s okay, just don’t make it to two. If for any reason you seem to have slacked on a particular day, take note of it and work harder the next. On this day, there’s no excuse to not deliver, we can all be human for a day, but to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to eliminate certain instincts. Entrepreneurs, we’re another species.

5. Healthy competition

Last but not least, healthy competition can be a very effective stimulant to keep focused. If you surround yourself with people who have similar values and priorities in life, you will push yourself forward in the right direction. Every week you can sit down for a nice meal and just talk about your weekly achievements, perhaps that friend or family member can help you out or you can, based on your progress. By healthy competition, we are not talking about pure comparison, rather supporting each other to achieve your individual goals.


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