5 reasons why exercise is important to the mind


Physical exercise is very important to remain healthy and fit. But, how many of you reading this know that our mind needs exercise too? Not many of us know the significance of mental exercise. We have learned at school that the brain is the most important organ in the body and even a very trivial injury prove fatal. It can cause a major brain damage that can result in mental handicaps like dementia or mental retardation.  Many times, people think that all the brain functions are involuntary and we can do nothing to improve it.

Why is mind exercise very important? Let us explore!

  1. Improves the cognitive abilities:

    There are numerous connective tissues in our brain that transmit sensory signals from the body to the brain. The physical exercise helps to strengthen or improve the functioning of these connective tissues to a great extent that, in turn, helps you to think and work better. In fact, regular exercise will help to reduce the brain aging in older adults. A study was made on the effect of aerobics on the human beings, it was found out that there was a significant improvement in the executive functions of the body.

  2. Improves memory.

    Daily exercise will boost your memory. An interesting study on London taxi drivers proved that compelling the brain to store a whole lot of things will improve memory, significantly. While doing this study they found out that taxi drivers had to remember nook and corner of the city properly, whereas the bus drivers take a prescribed route, every day. Familiarizing themselves of a lot of places, the taxi drivers enhance the capacity of hippo-campus found in their brain.

  3. Improves concentration levels.

    Physical exercises help you to focus your attention on the work you are doing. This is very much essential these days as we are constantly distracted by internal struggles, mobile phones Etc. In a study that was published in 2004 shows that there was a difference in people who did physical exercises or undergone aerobic training compared to those who did not do any sort of exercise.

  4. Increases willpower.

    We all should have the willpower or intense desire to excel in life. But we seldom know that physical exercises improve willpower of a human being. We are all slaves of wishes and are easily prone to temptations. We have to resist the impulses and stay focused on our goals to reach greater heights in life. Exercising even for 10 minutes will have a powerful impact on you.

  5. Great Way to socialize.

    Exercises help you improve the social skills. Playing games requires you to be a part of a team that teaches you lots of traits like discipline, sharing responsibilities, controlling emotions, etc. These traits will make you a better human being.

Thus,  physical exercises come with a bundle of benefits that keeps your mind and body stay fit. I hope this article would have given you an insight into the fact that exercise is important to stay fit- physically and mentally.  If you haven’t started doing one, go for an activity of your choice and experience the improvement in your personality in the future!


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