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Gratitude: Mind Where Your Thoughts Go

It’s no secret that if you’re not careful, your thoughts can lead you away from who you want to be and can have a significant impact on your emotions and mood.

Jonathan Printers Jr., a curator at Entrepreneuring Club, shared this with us:

“a couple of months ago, I went through a very difficult time. Burnout. A lot of negativity and overwhelm. Even after I took a brief break, I couldn’t truly source my feelings or change much of my mood state. I realized I needed to balance work-life with more mindful practices and gratitude. It changed my mindset.”

Gratitude was the lesson that day and is what we’ll share with you all today.

Taking the next steps: Mindfulness Turn Off Autopilot

There are several benefits of gratitude to include:

  • increased happiness
  • enhance positive emotions
  • boost self-esteem,
  • and improve our relationships.

For a complete list visit Positive Psychology.

Clean + Delicious is a wellness channel that focuses on improving daily living and healthy decisions.

Learn how and why you should start a gratitude journal and why gratitude is a powerful tool to help you create a happier, healthier and vibrant life.

Tune in below:

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