Top productive tools for entrepreneurs


It’s everyone’s dream to become one of the successful entrepreneurs in their chosen industry. But once you are one and then realize that running a business demands your time and attention 24/7, you will be struggling to manage your time and spare a few hours or so for yourself and your family and friends.

One way to get back more time that you can spend outside of your business is to use productivity apps or tools to help streamline operations, whether it’s a start up or an online business. Because the reality is entrepreneurs are busy and stressed out because they only get a few things done, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Time to boost your productivity and grow your business.

To-do-list apps

With so many things to do, it is important to stay organized and keep track of things that you’re supposed to accomplish in a day. This is where to-do-list apps can help.

Apps like Google Tasks, Evernote, Microsoft To-Do, Wunderlist, and Todoist will help you stay on track and simplify and streamline task processes. Most of these apps are linked to your calendar, making it easy to stay organized and schedule and track appointments. Every offline and online business owners must have one of these apps installed on their computer or mobile phone.

Project management tools

To accomplish routine management tasks efficiently, accurately and consistently, use online project management systems. Choose those with the following features:

  • Has cross-communication capabilities
  • Track invoices, reports, and timelines easily
  • Provide end-to-end project management, from quotes to invoices
  • Cloud-based for easier access

Some of your options are:

Slack – Use this to kick off a project, deploy codes, review sales contract, hire new employees, finalize a budget for next year, measure A/B tests, and many more.

Zoho – Large and small entrepreneurs use this system to plan projects, view detailed progress reports, communicate effectively, deliver on time, and other routine business tasks.

Trello – This is a cross-platform, cloud-based project management solution for tracking projects, sharing files, organizing and delegating tasks, and customizing your workflows, among other things.

Web-based billing and invoicing software

Most business owners wish they could just jump to having invoices paid. But before this happens, customers must be billed and sent invoices. Considering that these involve money and numbers, it is important that the process is made simpler and with as fewer errors as possible.

Use apps to ensure accuracy. Manage your finances using QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and similar software that allows invoice customization, online banking, inventory tracking, and more.

Social media automation tools

What better way to grow your bricks-and-mortar and/or online business than to engage with your customers through social media? Depending on your demographic, you could be looking at linking your business website to several social networks. Each one will require regular activities, such as daily posting and content sharing.

Rather than do this one by one, use social media automation tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite. With these tools, you can control all your social media accounts from a single app.

Whether you run a start up or existing business, using productivity tools will move your company forward and give you an edge over the competition.


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