I’m certain we will tell our grandkids about the year that caught us all by surprise and how we had to find creative ways to earn money.

2020 introduced several new challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and established a “new normal” with the practice of social distancing.

Even if bars, restaurants, and businesses fully open again, I doubt it will be as clustered as before or without masks in attendance.

Times have certainly changed. Amidst the negativity, dysfunction, fear, and lives lost, many people lost jobs and had to get creative to make a living.

Despite the negatives, 2020 allowed many to start living in a way that they’d only dreamed of before. 

And yes, I know that this only applies to a small percentage of people. The majority have jobs in which they must be physically present.

For those of you, I’ve attached several links for mindfulness and self-care:

Honestly, I shrieked at the idea of working from home. I believed that I would experience a lack of motivation and not have the skills to dig myself out of a hole.

Likewise, I knew my work hours would decline. When in the office, it is a prideful thing to find work to do and keep busy.

However, at home, once the work is done there is plenty of distraction around. I’m not sure that I want to return to full-time in person now that I have a year under my belt at home.

I’ve proven that I can be effective and as valuable at home as I can in the office.

Working from home can be a real challenge because you have to create your schedule, follow it consistently, and develop goals to achieve the same amount of work.

Also, you have to get creative, learn new skills, and network in many ways that you might not have done so before. 

There are several legitimate ways to earn money while sitting at home. Whether you are a parent that is home with the kids, looking for additional income, or want to insert yourself into the world of writing, the internet contains thousands of ways to earn some extra money. 

When you start searching for options it can be overwhelming. However, like everything else in life, all it takes is dedicating the time to learning a few extra skills and the willingness to switch it up. 

If you’re wondering when I will get to the point, we have just arrived.

Here are some of the legitimate options where you can earn money and develop multiple streams of income.

Content writing

What exactly is content writing? Content writing is the process of editing and writing web content that can include blog posts, articles, scripts for videos, and podcasts for others. Since the onset of social media, this has become a popular niche. 

Business and website owners like to delegate work instead of taking every task as their own. You can surely become an author, ghostwrite, develop CV’s, do data entry, among other niches.

Consistency and word-of-mouth will separate you from a side hobby to full-time. If you become successful, there are many opportunities for growth such as writing in reputable media outlets and popular digital newspapers.


If you are not sure about writing for other people, then write for yourself!

It can make you nervous and be overwhelming, but the best advice I have ever received was to just START!

Creating a blog remains a good idea the way the internet is going now. Readers love information and the availability of different perspectives. Write about your experience and/or opinions.

Surely, you can impact a large audience and make meaningful connections. Writing is an art and like anything takes practice. 

Stick to your style and interest, there are innumerable topics to blog about. If you’re looking for information about starting a blog check out this quick read.

Start Your Website

Many businesses are thriving because a website makes it easy for consumers to find a product they like and order it within a few minutes.

There are several things you can do with a website. If you are the owner of a product or business then set it up and sell it online. 

Alternatively, dropshipping is still a huge market. With dropshipping, you can order products and sell them without holding inventory or being responsible for any returns. Start a clothing line, sell electronics, gifts, or collectibles.

Is there something you wish you saw more of? Sell that!

Getting started takes no time. WordPress is free and is user friendly. There are many paid website builders such as GoDaddy and Shopify with plans at $29 a month.

What is the difference? Both GoDaddy and Shopify feature pre-built stores and automatic hosting, meaning all you do is add the product! 

Generating revenue will take consistency, time (20-30 hours per week), and effort. Lastly, learn to love what you do and build a brand around your store.

The most successful stores I have worked with do well because they sell a story with their product. Therefore, customers are more willing to invest in something they believe in!

Affiliate Marketing

Additionally, If you started your website then aside from products you can leverage highly from affiliate products! Learn about affiliate marketing here. The key is to pick something reliable.

For newsletter marketing, where you can insert products into emails and send them to your contact list, I prefer Mailchimp. Also, ClickBank is a popular choice for quickly getting started and showcasing various products.

Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who provides services to a business from a remote location. It can be a freelance where that person is not affiliated and sets their hours independently.

Common tasks of a virtual assistant include administrative work, marketing, web design, bookkeeping, social media assistants, and more. Honestly, virtual assistants can take on any tasks that a business needs delegation for. 


In 2021, you can earn money from home in several ways. I’m aware there are many barriers such as time, skills, money (to make money!?), and security. However, If you have been on the fence and are unsure, now is the time more than ever.

Learn some new skills, network, and step outside of your comfort zone. Share your interests and sell an idea.

Look around at the many people that get started each day. If they can, so can you.

Thank you for reading! Please share!

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